Environmental Management


Environmental management focuses on the improvement of human welfare for present and future generations. The majority of classes will be focused specifically on environmental management. Supplementing these classes will be those focused on math and statistics; these are vital to the majority of jobs within the field. Finally, there will be a few classes specifically focused on science, such as biology and chemistry.

Persuing Environmental Management may have been done just to gain more responsibility in the workplace, to lead others, or to switch to a new career altogether. You may have new skills in auditing or managing numerous workers, in laboratory safety, or sample handling. Management skills and the ability to understand and pursue science do not always go hand in hand, so it may be that you now have highly sought after skills in management and are asked to lead a team in an area that you do not have a specific background in (such as field researchers in Antarctica). Be prepared to have a variety of challenges and interesting opportunities available to you!


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