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Health and safety training does not - and indeed should not - be seen as a one-off isolated event which, once completed, can simply be ticked off and paid little attention to going forward. Instead, a health and safety course should be seen as the starting point for a programme of continuous development and learning. Whether this is through additional courses at a higher academic level than the one(s) just sat, specialisation into a particular area such as fire or construction safety, a programme of coaching and mentoring within your business to teach others, or just keeping your knowledge refreshed through reading and self-study, learning should not stop as soon as the course has finished.

Complacency within an organisation can be just as dangerous and significant contributory factor towards accidents occurring as inadequate health and safety policies and safeguards can. For this reason, it is imperative that company managers and employees alike recognise the importance of continuous training, development, updating and refreshing of knowledge.


Course Fee : R15,000

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Paul Groves

Mashudu Moses

Paul Groves

Tshilidzi Munasi


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